Sooke Squares

Square Dancing in Sooke

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Calls taught since the restart in November

Below are the calls we’ve done since the recent restart. (Or you can download the file Calls-done-to-date.txt .) The numbers refer to the official CALLERLAB Basic and Mainstream definitions. See the Resources page for more information.

( From the Basic List )

1. Circle Left / Circle Right
2. Forward and Back
3. Dosado / Dosado to a Wave
4. Swing
5. Promenade Family
a. Couples (Full, 1/2, 3/4)
b. Single File Promenade
c. Wrong Way Promenade
d. Star Promenade
6. Allemande Left
7. Arm Turns
8. Right and Left Grand Family
a. Right and Left Grand
b. Weave the Ring
c. Wrong Way Grand
9. Left-Hand Star / Right-Hand Star
10. Pass Thru
11. Half Sashay Family
a. Half Sashay
b. Rollaway (only done from circle)
c. Ladies In, Men Sashay
12. Turn Back Family
a. U-Turn Back
b. Backtrack
13. Separate
a. Around 1 or 2 to a Line (Just done around 1)
b. Around 1 or 2 and come into the middle (Just done around 1)
c. And something
15. Courtesy Turn
16. Ladies Chain Family
a. Two Ladies Chain (Reg. & 3/4)
b. Four Ladies Chain(Reg. & 3/4)
c. Chain Down the Line
19. Veer Left / Veer Right
20. Bend the Line
21. Circulate Family
a. (Named Dancers) Circulate
b. Couples Circulate
c. All Eight Circulate
d. Single File Circulate
e. Split/Box Circulate
22. Right and Left Thru
23. Grand Square
25. Double Pass Thru
26. First Couple Go Left/Right, Next Couple Go Left/Right
30. Square Thru (1, 2, 3, 4) /
33. Wheel Around
34. Box the Gnat
35. Trade Family
a. Trade
b. Partner Trade
36. Ocean Wave Family
a. Step to a Wave
38. Swing Thru (Not done Left Swing Thru)
39. Run (Not done Cross Run)
40. Pass the Ocean
41. Extend
42. Wheel and Deal
43. Zoom
44. Flutterwheel / Reverse Flutterwheel
44. Sweep A Quarter
46. Trade By
47. Touch 1/4
48. Ferris Wheel

( From the Mainstream List )
1. Cloverleaf
4. Pass to the Center
8. Single Hinge (Not done Couples Hinge)
12. Walk and Dodge
13. Slide Thru
18. Scoot Back

Collecting dues for BCSRDA & CSRDS

Starting in October I signed up people for the BC Square and Round Dance Federation and the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society. This costs $15 and if you have signed up with another club and are paying there you don’t pay here as well. If that’s the case just let me know what club you paid it at. The fees help promote Square Dancing (they paid for the ad in the local paper for example) and they also provide liability insurance at any Square or Round dance event in Canada.